Coalition Building

The Illinois Cuba Working Group initiated the passage of HR185 in the State of Illinois Legislature, which passed unanimously (118-0) in the 98th Illinois General Assembly in May of 2013. 

The improvement of economic trade relations between the U.S. and Cuba is the foundation for all future success between the two countries. The development of the Cuban economy along with a sustainable agricultural industry is as beneficial to Cuba as it is the U.S. As Cuba’s economy grows, so do the trade opportunities for U.S. industries and small and medium sized enterprises. Both countries economies will benefit with an increased exchange of ideas, knowledge, capital and credit. 

Our Objectives:

  • Expand the list of exports licensed for sale to Cuba, including the sale of farm equipment

  • Permit Farm Groups to exchange knowledge, capital and business management practices with Cuban counterparts

  • Permit U.S. exporting food companies the ability to negotiate trade terms with Cuba

  • Open a trade office in Cuba to facilitate market entry and exchanges between U.S. and Cuban counterparts

  • Permit access to USDA's Market Access Programs (MAP), Foreign Market Development (FMD), and Checkoff Dollars

  • Remove third country banking requirements for Cuban transactions

  • Permit EX/IM working capital guarantees and U.S. Export Credit Guarantee program (GSM) 

  • Permit U.S. food companies the license to initiate FDI opportunities in Cuba

  • Permit both the import and export of U.S. / Cuba products, goods and services

  • Create Export Assistance Centers providing SME's an understanding of trade opportunities in Cuba

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